Rights-based Struggle of Women with Disabilities 2

Project Summary
Grantee : Association of Women with Disabilities
Purpose : Informing women with disabilities about their rights so that they can take an active role in the solutions of their problems
Location : Bursa, Gaziantep, Trabzon
Grant Amount : 179.728 TL
Project Partner : Adana Women’s Solidarity Center
Period : 14 July 2013 – 6 July 2014
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2013


Women with disabilities are raised with an understanding that “they are incapable of protecting their chastity and they cannot do anything in life”. This understanding makes it difficult for women with disabilities to socially and economically participate in life. These discriminatory roles on women with disabilities are internalized by women and society in general.

Project Goals

  • In Bursa, Gaziantep and Trabzon:
    • Trainings on rights and discrimination will be delivered to 60 women with disabilities from NGOs and public institutions.
    • 60 women with disabilities will reach 150 individuals through local activities.
    • The final meeting of the project will create space for sharing experience and cooperation among women who were trained.
    • An action plan will be prepared on cooperation of women with disabilities.

Project Results

  • An experience sharing meeting is organized in Antalya with the participation of women with disabilities, academicians and members of women’s NGOs.
  • Based on the learnings of this meeting, future plans were determined about organizing women with disabilities.
  • “The Road Map for Organizing Women with Disabilities in Turkey” is prepared based on the results of the meeting together with contributions from Association of Women with Disabilities and other experts.
  • In project provinces, 60 women with disabilities took trainings on rights of people with disabilities, gender issues and discrimination.
  • Women who participated the training:
    • Organized a panel on “Discrimination and Violence Towards Women with Disabilities” in Gaziantep
    • Prepared a documentary for the first time about the their problems with the help of Sinezon Association in Trabzon
    • Organized a workshop on organizing women with disabilities and established the Bursa Association of Women with Disabilities in Bursa
  • In the closing meeting, 50 women with disabilities came together to share their experiences and discuss possible cooperation opportunities.


"This Project, which started two years ago for the first time in Turkey, provided the opportunity to experience their “first times” to women with disabilities. Women learnt the concept of the rights-based struggle for the first time in their lives. They also met another version of their own lives and life struggles. The steps they have taken maybe small for the society but a giant leap for those women who have just met with the concept of rights and rights-based struggle."

Project Coordinator

"Until today there was only my family in my life. I never had a social life. I made friends during the trainings. Necla, whom I met in the training, supported me in finishing the last remaining 5 courses to get my junior high school diploma. I will continue taking classes. I also started taking a computer course and when I finish it, I want to start working. Since I am visually impaired, my family has not allowed me to go out. Now, as they witness the change in me and my happiness, they allow me to. Everything has changed in my life after I met Association of Women with Disabilities."

Project Beneficiary


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